Wild Equity’s Executive Director Brent Plater on Resistance Radio


One of the things I love about your work is that it bridges the gap between theory and work on the ground…




You seem to be manifesting that combination of theory and practice that I think is so important.





 - Derrick Jensen





Derrick Jensen is the author of numerous radical environmental volumes, including the highly critical Endgame, and is the co-founder of activist organization Deep Green Resistance. He has been called “the poet-philosopher of the ecological movement”* and now he’s taken an interest in the work we’re doing at Wild Equity.





In this radio interview, our Executive Director Brent Plater shares with Jensen his vision for uniting social justice and grassroots conservation in campaigns that build a more sustainable and just world for all. He provides detailed summaries of two of our ongoing campaigns, and gets down to brass tacks with his theory of building a movement, his goals for Wild Equity, how activists anywhere can reproduce our success, and more. Tune in to this thought-provoking inquiry now to find out how Wild Equity uniquely meets present day challenges to environmental and social justice activism. Enjoy!