Congresswoman Speier Slowly Supporting Science-based Restoration

Congresswoman Jackie Speier has introduced a bill to spend a billion federal dollars and create a new federal office dedicated to San Francisco Bay wetland restoration.

It’s a great sign that, after some early missteps, the Congresswoman finally understands the importance and timeliness of science-based wetland restoration projects.

Now we need the Congresswoman to display the same vision for coastal wetland restoration at Sharp Park.

Wetland restoration is one of the best investments we can make to build a healthy and sustainable global community for people and the plants and animals that accompany us on Earth, particularly in coastal areas that will be affected by sea level rise.

And that’s why restoring Sharp Park makes so much sense. Restoring Sharp Park’s wetlands will create a better public park on the land that everyone can enjoy, preserve endangered species, and defend our coastal communities against a warming and rising sea.

A Restoration Vision for Sharp Park.

And under the Wild Equity Institute’s plan, restoration will also boost Pacifica’s struggling economy by creating the first and only visitor center for the Golden Gate National Parks’ San Mateo County properties. These facilities have a demonstrated track record of providing an economic boost to local economies, a boost that the current golf course has failed to provide to date.

Let’s get Congresswoman Speier on the right track on both sides of the San Francisco peninsula. Call her today at (202) 225-3531, thank her for introducing the new wetland restoration bill, and then encourage her to support similar efforts to restore Sharp Park.

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