May 19: Tailgate & Drum for Frogs, Occupy Sharp Park(ing lot)!

Join Us May 19, 4:30pm, Sharp Park Golf Course:
Tailgate & Drum for Frogs, Occupy Sharp Park(ing lot)!

Golf purists have announced they’ll celebrate the endangered species-killing, money-losing Sharp Park Golf Course with a $150 golf tournament on May 19th.

That’s right: they intend to celebrate a golf course that robs resources from San Francisco’s neighborhood parks and has brought two endangered species to the brink of localized extinction.

If that’s the most absurd celebration you’ve ever heard of, you aren’t alone: and that’s why we want you to join Save the Frogs! on May 19 at 4:30 p.m. at Sharp Park Golf Course’s parking lot for a fun, free tailgate for endangered species. Save the Frogs! will have food and drink, drums to play, and outdoor education activities for you and your family to enjoy at the nearby Mori Point National Park: which will one day expand to include Sharp Park, creating a more accessible and sustainable public park that everyone can enjoy!

A San Francisco garter snake killed by golf course mowers; California red-legged frog egg mass killed by golf course wetland draining.

And we’ll all stand-up for the “underfrog” during this high-priced golf tournament to make sure everyone there knows that killing endangered species to play a game is the wrong way to spend our limited recreation dollars.

But we can’t do this with out you. Please join Save the Frogs on May 19, 4:30pm at Sharp Park Golf Course for a tailgate and drumming event that occupies Sharp Park! Bring food and drink to spare, and all your frog-loving friends so everyone knows that we stand for the under frog!

RSVP today using Save the Frogs! Google Document or at the Tailgate’s Facebook page. And if you can get there early or would like to help organize, contact us and we’ll get you started.

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