Onward to a Restored Sharp Park!

Despite thousands of letters and 60% of the public testimony in favor of restoring Sharp Park, the San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission rubber-stamped the Recreation and Park Department’s all-golf vision of the future for Sharp Park last week. The vote wasn’t unexpected, and now the campaign really begins: San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors will have an opportunity to weigh-in on Sharp Park. In fact, the day before the Commission’s vote the Board of Supervisors’ Government Audit and Oversight Committee heard testimony about Sharp Park, and at the close of public comment the Committee expressed reservations about the sustainability of golf at Sharp Park and the controversial nature of the Department’s proposed plan. Expect to hear more from the Board of Supervisors in the coming months, and keep an eye on wildequity.org for updates on our legal claims against the golf course & for opportunities to participate in our ultimate trump-card: a formal, science-based environmental review of the Department’s fatally flawed plan.

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