UC Berkeley Environmental Science, Policy & Management Study Supports Restoring Sharp Park

A 2010 study released by UC Berkeley Environmental Science, Policy, & Management students concludes that Sharp Park Golf Course should be closed and the land restored in partnership with the Golden Gate National Parks.

A Restoration Vision for Sharp Park

The independent study, based on Recreation and Park Department data and interviews with environmental and golf advocates in the Bay Area, reviewed the fiscal, recreational, and environmental impacts of Sharp Park Golf Course. The study made a number of important findings:

  • Sharp Park Golf Course is not financially self-sustaining and loses thousands of taxpayer dollars every year.
  • Millions of capital improvement dollars are required to make the golf course competitive, but there is no guarantee that the investment would improve profitability of the course.
  • The golf course is harming two endangered species, the California red-legged frog and the San Francisco garter snake.
  • The golf course serves a small community of golfers that is declining, while demand for other outdoor recreation is increasing.

The study concludes that restoring Sharp Park in partnership with the National Park Service is the best alternative for Sharp Park, because it will resolve environmental problems at the site while matching public recreation supply with modern recreation demand.

Find out more about the Wild Equity Institute’s campaign to restore Sharp Park and take action today to make our restoration vision a reality!

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