Anniversary Bash: Thanks to everyone who came out!

As you know, 2014 was Wild Equity’s fifth year of building equity around the Bay Area, and last month you, our supporters, came forth to join us in celebration. Happily, the party was a huge success! We enjoyed live music and prizes, there were all kinds of merry-making, and the crowd was rife with animated and insightful conversation.

It was truly poignant to witness so many people converging over the essential principle of equity. It’s the principle that ties each of us to both people and planet, and we believe it’s a cause worth reveling in. It’s affirming to know that you all believe so, too.

Here at Wild Equity, we are eager to be inspired by the people who make our organization possible. Well, this time you’ve gone above and beyond in your passion, and we’re keen to take your enthusiasm and channel it into the work that you love to support.

We are so proud to have such a strong and vibrant community behind us as we push on into 2015, and into our sixth year of fighting. There are many more victories to be had just around the corner, and we can’t wait to celebrate those with you, too!

Thanks so much to all of you, and see you next time!

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