Earth Day in Oakland!

Saturday, April 18th, 9:00am – 12:00pm: This year for Earth Day, Wild Equity is heading out to the East Bay! We’ll be working to clean up some of the valuable bird habitat around Lake Merritt in Oakland. Join us!

Lake Merritt is an urban birding hotspot with a fascinating history. In fact, Lake Merritt Wild Duck Refuge was the first official wildlife refuge designated in the United States! Established in 1870, the lake’s refuge has provided protected habitat for numerous birds of all shapes and sizes — as well as the very occasional river otter — for generations. Lake Merritt is an urban ecological jewel that provides healthful opportunities for getting in touch with the wildlife that is interwoven with our human communities. Remarkably, the biodiversity of the lake flourishes despite being right in the thick of so much human detritus. It’s for this reason that Wild Equity is proud to spend Earth Day 2015 giving back to this vital place by taking the time to clean up its water and its shores. We hope you can join us as we observe this increasingly important holiday by serving and stewarding this valuable community.

We will meet outside Rotary Nature Center by the intersection of Perkins & Bellevue. If you’re late or have trouble finding us, call Michael at (310) 963-0090. See you there!

This is event is part of the City of Oakland’s city-wide Earth Day cleanup effort. Learn more here.

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