Help Wild Equity Earn $2.5K at Patagonia San Francisco!

For a limited time you can help the Wild Equity Institute earn $2,500: simply by shopping at Patagonia’s San Francisco store! Just visit Patagonia San Francisco and cast your ballot for Wild Equity during Patagonia’s Voice Your Choice program. You may only vote once per visit to the store during the Voice Your Choice voting period.

The Wild Equity Institute is one of three local organizations selected to participate in Patagonia’s Voice Your Choice program this year, a great honor for our nascent group. Through this program WEI is competing to win up to $2,500: we take home the grand prize if we have the most supporters visit the Patagonia San Francisco store and cast a ballot for the Wild Equity Institute. The second and third place organizations receive consolation prizes.

You can vote at any time during the Voice Your Choice program. We’ll be tabling at the store on March 13 and March 19, 2011 to drum-up support for our work restoring Sharp Park, defending San Francisco Bay from sea level rise, and protecting equitable access to our public parks. Stop by and see us, cast your ballot, and give thanks to Patagonia for its exceptional generosity to people and the plants and animals that accompany us on Earth!

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