On 11/18/11 You Can Stand Up for the Underfrog!””

On November 18, 2011, the Honorable Susan Illston will hear oral argument in the Wild Equity Institute’s lawsuit against the money-losing and endangered species-killing Sharp Park Golf Course. All supporters of our campaign to restore Sharp Park are welcome to attend the hearing. The hearing will begin no earlier than 9:00am, and will occur at the United States District Court in San Francisco. E-mail us if you think you will attend so we can help you prepare for security clearance at the court house.

At the hearing, Judge Illston may finally provide relief to the California red-legged frog and the San Francisco garter snake, both of whom have been illegally killed by Sharp Park Golf Course for several years. Our coalition, which includes Surfrider, the Sierra Club, the National Parks Conservation Association, the Center for Biological Diversity, & Sequoia Audubon, will be represented by Wild Equity Institute Executive Director Brent Plater and the the environmental law firm Meyer, Glitzenstein & Crystal.

Dead California red-legged frog egg masses and chopped San Francisco garter snakes
have been all too common at Sharp Park Golf Course.

Judge Illston will review our request for preliminary injunctive relief, relief that will keep both endangered species safe from harm until a full trial can be conducted. If granted, our request will halt pumping activities that harm the California red-legged frog’s egg masses, and stop mowing and golf cart activities that have killed San Francisco garter snakes on holes 9-18 at Sharp Park.

Before the hearing you can review our opening and reply briefs, as well as the opening statements submitted by our scientific experts and their reply declarations. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll answer them.

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