Supervisor John Avalos Announces Legislation to Restore Sharp Park!

In a major step towards restoring Sharp Park, yesterday San Francisco Supervisor John Avalos announced that he has asked San Francisco’s City Attorney to draft legislation that will close Sharp Park Golf Course and transfer management authority to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area!

Please send Supervisor Avalos a thank you message by using the Wild Equity Institute’s Action Alert system today! (Note: you must sign-up for a free account to use our alert system.)

Supervisor Avalos announces legislation to restore Sharp Park
at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors May 17, 2011 (video begins at 1:09:50)

In a media advisory filed simultaneously with his announcement, Supervisor Avalos stated “[w]e owe it to future generations to provide sustainable recreation that everyone, from San Mateo to San Francisco and beyond, has an opportunity to enjoy. Working together, San Francisco and the National Park Service can create a new model that will serve Bay Area residents for generations to come.”

Supervisor Avalos’ announcement follows several advances in our campaign to build a better public park at Sharp Park, including the release of a restoration study that shows restoring Sharp Park is the least costly and only sustainable solution for the land; the City’s adoption of many of the report’s findings; the initiation of a lawsuit to stop the ongoing killing of endangered species at Sharp Park; a front-page article in the San Francisco Chronicle about our campaign; and an Endangered Species/Endangered Communities Rally at City Hall on Save the Frogs Day.

This is the first step in what is shaping up to be a busy summer for the Wild Equity Institute and all our partners working to Restore Sharp Park. Make sure you sign-up for our website so you can stay abreast of the latest issues in the campaign, and of course send Supervisor Avalos a thank you message by using the Wild Equity Institute’s Action Alert system today!

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