Tell Mayor Lee You Support Restoring Sharp Park!!!

In 2011 the Board of Supervisors passed legislation that enables San Francisco to partner with the National Park Service at Sharp Park to transition land management from an unsustainable golf course into a new National Park that everyone can enjoy.

Under the ordinance, the City must negotiate a long-term management agreement with the National Park Service, and then review that agreement as a proposed project under the California Environmental Quality Act. The City will be able to consider all feasible alternatives to the National Park Service agreement during this process. It will then select a future for Sharp Park that provides the best public policy outcomes for the land.

The ordinance is necessary because the Recreation and Parks Department has refused to even look at restoration options at Sharp Park—even though scientists have explained that restoration is not just environmentally preferable, but cheaper to implement.

That’s why the ordinance passed by the Board appealed to stalwart progressives and moderate politicians alike. The City deserves to have all available options presented in the light of day before long-term decisions are made for Sharp Park. The Sharp Park ordinance insures that the general public and public officials will be able to evaluate restoration proposals side-by-side with other options—so that we can make the best possible choice for Sharp Park.

We’re confident that when the evidence supporting Sharp Park restoration is finally shown the light of day, there will be only one sensible choice for us all to make: building a better, more sustainable, and more accessible public park at Sharp Park that everyone can enjoy.

A restoration vision for Sharp Park.

But Mayor Ed Lee sided with golf purists and Chambers of Commerce would rather not let you have that choice. He vetoed the ordinance without even meeting with the champions of this cause.

We need you to contact the Mayor today and chastise him for the veto and tell him you support restoring Sharp Park. The future of Sharp Park should be based on the merits—not what the golf lobby and developers are able to extract behind closed doors. Call Mayor Ed Lee now at 415-554-6141 or email him and his spokespeople using the form below and tell him you support restoring Sharp Park: it’s just good government and common sense.

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