Upper Crystal Springs Reservoir Fountain Thistle Hike and Restoration Site

The meeting location is near the intersection of CA-92 and Canada Rd. in Burlingame, California. Park in the west side of Canada Rd. From here we will take a short hike to see the fountain thistle.

After the hike we will drive to the restoration access site. To get there, get back on 92 heading east. Drive a short distance and take Exit 9A, the Ralston Ave. exit, toward Belmont. Veer right at the end of the off ramp, and the road becomes Polhemus Rd. After crossing over the highway, take the first left Paul Scannell Dr. Paul Scannell Dr. Stay on Scannell Dr. until you see a left turn called Lessingia Ct. Take Lessingia Ct. to its end, and park. We will walk to the site from here.

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