Wild Equity Bands with Allies to Challenge Sharp Park Pumphouse Project

At 10:00am on Friday April 3rd, Wild Equity, Sequoia Audubon Society, and Save the Frogs will present oral arguments at San Francisco Superior Court over a project that will destroy and drain Sharp Park’s Laguna Salada wetland complex, arguably the most ecologically important portion of the Department’s most biologically rich land.

“This senseless project will destroy critical wetlands, harm endangered species, and waste taxpayer money,” said Brent Plater, executive director of the Wild Equity Institute. “Experts have demonstrated that a feasible alternative to this project exists that will not harm wetlands and will save taxpayers money. But San Francisco has refused to consider this alternative, so we will ask the court to bring common sense back to the Recreation & Park Department.”

You can attend the hearing to show solidarity with our movement, but of course court proceedings do not permit public testimony. Contact jcrofton@wildequity.org for details if you’d like to attend the hearing: we’d love to have you there!

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