Wild Equity Presents at the Oakland Zoo: Twain’s Frog and the Beautiful Serpent

Thursday, 23 October, 12:00pm: The Oakland Zoo’s staff and supporters are welcome to join Wild Equity’s Brent Plater for a photographic exploration of the Bay Area’s best chance to save two wondrous and imperiled animals: the California red-legged frog and the San Francisco garter snake. Wild Equity has identified an opportunity to help these species recover by transforming a money-losing, endangered species-killing golf course into a new public park everyone can enjoy. Join Brent to learn about this proposal, discover what you can do to implement it, and see how Wild Equity is working with partners around the Bay Area to create a more equitable world for all—including the plants and animals that accompany us on Earth.

North America’s Most Beautiful Serpent: the San Francisco Garter Snake

Twain’s Frog: the California Red-legged Frog

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