Wild Equity supports the Edge of the Wild at SF Green FilmFest!

Saturday, May 30th, 4:00pm – 5:30pm: Join the San Francisco Green Film Festival, May 28 – June 3 at the Roxie Theater, 3117 16th St., San Francisco, for a week of films and events that spotlight the world’s most urgent environmental issues and most innovative solutions. Check out their fantastic line-up of new & inspiring environmental films. Wild Equity will be there on May 30th at 4:00pm in support of Bay Area filmmaker Gail Mallimson, and her latest documentary, The Edge of the Wild.

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Watch the trailer below.

The Edge of the Wild
(Gail Mallimson, USA, 2015, 60 min)

World Premiere. A life-long resident of Brisbane, CA, is determined to save the last population of rare butterflies (including our friend the Mission Blue!) from the luxury housing planned for San Bruno mountain. Bay Area filmmaker Gail Mallimson brings us this epic battle between private property rights and the survival of a species, with implications for national environmental policy.

Followed by discussion with: Gail Mallimson, director

For more info: www.greenfilmfest.org or (415) 552-5580 or info@greenfilmfest.org.

Website: www.theedgeofthewild.com

Facebook: The Edge of the Wild SF Green FilmFest

Twitter: @greenfilmfest @GMallimson

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