As Taxpayer Golf Bailout Continues, More Politicians Side With Restoring Sharp Park

Last year the Wild Equity Institute helped pass legislation to restore Sharp Park, only to see it vetoed by the Mayor. But the veto only made the campaign stronger as evidence continues to mount against the money losing, endangered species-killing golf course.

Indeed, in her first vote after being appointed to the Board of Supervisors by the Mayor, Supervisor Christina Olague sided with a majority of the Board to overturn the Mayor’s veto, solidifying our majority at the Board.

And conservation organizations from around the country have rallied to our cause, from the National Wildlife Federation to, petitioning the Mayor to reverse his veto. We were enjoying a sample of the eloquent responses from our supporters when Save the Frogs! announced it would make restoring Sharp Park the centerpiece of Save the Frogs Day 2012!

And this was before Sharp Park closed another fiscal year in the red draining over $126,000 from declining recreation budgets, and was caught killing California red-legged frogs—again—this winter.

Dead California red-legged frog egg masses at Sharp Park.

Meanwhile in San Mateo County, the golf market continues to collapse, making golf development deals unlikely. Golf’s popularity in the county continues to wane, forcing general fund dollars to cover golf’s operating losses. And while San Francisco and San Mateo County seem intent on subsidizing golf at the expense of community centers and social services, President Obama proposed ending charitable easements for golf courses, saving the government nearly $600 million dollars in the process.

The Wild Equity Institute will continue to lead the campaign to restore Sharp Park in court, City Hall, in the press, and in the scientific literature. Thank you for inspiring us to keep working on this campaign—stick with us and we will soon enjoy a new national park at Sharp Park!

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