Donate to the Wild Equity Institute Today!

Thank you for supporting our work! There are many ways you can contribute to the Wild Equity Institute’s campaigns and help us build a stronger environmental movement for all.

Become a Member of the Wild Equity Institute.

In honor of the year 2010, our first full year in operation, the Wild Equity Institute is building 10 founding members who will donate $2,000 each and 2,000 members who will donate $10 each to help us fulfill our mission. And for those of you looking for a level of support that is just right, we’re rounding out our campaign by building 100 supporters who will contribute $100 each to WEI. If you are interested in becoming a founding supporter, a member, or contributing to our work at any level, become a member today.

Become a member now with a
credit card or a PayPal account:
Download a membership form
and mail it to:
Wild Equity Institute
PO Box 191695
San Francisco, CA 94119

Become a Monthly Donor.

The best way to sustain our organization is to become a monthly donor. Monthly donations allow us to spend less time fundraising and more time building a healthy and sustainable community for all.

Go to our donate page and fill-out the form to become a monthly donor.

Give a Gift Membership.

What could be more satisfying than sharing our campaigns with someone you love? Now you can by giving a Wild Equity Institute gift membership. Just download and fill-out this form and mail it with your payment to:

Wild Equity Institute
PO Box 191695
San Francisco, CA 94119

Go Solar, Help WEI.

The Wild Equity Institute is proud to offer a new fundraising partnership with Sungevity, a solar-leasing company founded by long-time environmental activists.

For a limited time, when Wild Equity Institute members like you sign-up for a new, zero-down solar lease from Sungevity, the company will donate $500 to the Wild Equity Institute, while giving you an additional $500. That’s what we call a win-win!

To take advantage of this limited-time opportunity, all you need to do is visit the Wild Equity Institute’s special landing page on Sungevity’s website, enter your street address and answer a few simple questions to get your free installation iQuote.

For more information about this program, click here.


The Wild Equity Institute always makes room for dedicated people who want to make a difference with their time. Our volunteers do everything from data entry to tabling to writing press releases to helping craft legal arguments. If you have some time to help out, contact us at and we’ll try and match your interest to our needs while meeting your schedule.

Donate Office Supplies and Furniture.

We could also use help outfitting our new office. Recycled paper, envelopes, and general office supplies are always welcome. We could also use:

  • Bookshelves
  • Working computers with wireless networking capabilities
  • Filing cabinets

If you have any supplies to donate, contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange a pick-up.

Thanks again for all you do for people and the plants and animals that accompany us on Earth! View our privacy policy.

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