Last Day for Big Year Monthly Prize!

Hello GGNP Big Year participants, this is the last day to fulfill the monthly Big Year prize request for August!

To be eligible for the $25 gift certificate to Sports Basement, be the first person to either (a) Use a reusable bag when you shop and then sign the California Plastic Bag Ban petition for the Steller Sea Lion, or (b) Ask public officials to implement a speed limit for large vessels when whales are present for the Humpback Whale, or (c ) Volunteer in the GGNP restoring riparian areas for the Central California Coast Steelhead Distinct Population Segment. You must record your action item before the deadline (Midnight on 8/31/2012) to be eligible.

For more details about the GGNP Big Year rules, events and prize deadlines, visit the GGNP Big Year page.

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