Special Big Year Incentives for the Month of January Announced

Special Incentives for January!

The Wild Equity Institute is proud to announce a special Big Year prize for the month of January, specifically for competitors new to the Endangered Species Big Year. For a limited time, new competitors entering their first sighting or action item on the Wild Equity Institute’s Big year website will win a free subscription to Bay Nature magazine!

This prize is only available to new Big Year competitors: if you competed in 2008 you are not eligible for this prize. New competitors must enter their first action item or sighting on-line before midnight on January 31, 2010 to be eligible. Review and download your copy of the Big Year checklist to find one of the 36 sightings or 36 action items you will complete to win this prize!

Record A Sighting or Action Item On-line . . .

and Win a Subscription to Bay Nature Magazine!

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