Tatzoo’s Bar ‘Slither’ Shines Light on Sharp Park

Tatzoo’s Bar ‘slither’ in the Mission brought dozens of San Francisco residents together to save the San Francisco Garter Snake.

The Tatzoo team pauses at the last stop of the night.

Chanting “Restore Sharp Park!” and answering trivia questions about the financial and ecological problems posed by Sharp Park Golf Course, over 60 participants spread good cheer and showed great support for closing the course and creating a new national park on the land. Dozens of others signed postcards to the Mayor demanding he transform the land post haste.

Tatzoo’s postcards went straight to the Mayor’s office.

Participants strategize to save the San Francisco Garter Snake.

Check out all our upcoming events at our calendar and make sure you take action to help us Restore Sharp Park!

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