Visit the Wild Equity Institute Table at Sunday Streets

Sunday, April 10, 2011, 11:00am – 4:00pm: Come visit the Wild Equity Institute table at Sunday Streets, along the Great Highway Route.

The Wild Equity Institute will be tabling and informing the public about our efforts to unite the grassroots conservation and environmental justice movements in campaigns that redress inequity, both across our human communities and towards the lands in which we live, such as how we are working to end some of the City’s wasteful spending, create a better public park, restore wetlands and save the endangered San Francisco garter snake and the threatened California red-legged frog at Sharp Park.

The Sunday Streets Great Highway Route: 6th Ave. and JFK Drive at Bernice Rogers to Great Highway at Sloat, San Francisco, CA
The Wild Equity Institute table will be on Martin Luther King Jr Drive, between Lincoln Way and S. Fork Drive, in the west end of Golden Gate Park.

To see a more detailed map of Sunday Streets, go to: Sunday Streets

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