10/10/10 Work Day for Spotted Owl Brings Out the Best in Us All

Over 30 friends and members of the Wild Equity Institute spent 10/10/10, the global work party day to arrest climate change, improving habitat conditions for the Northern Spotted Owl in Muir Woods National Monument.

Our task: collect mulch and other debris from soon-to-be-removed hardspaces at Muir Woods and repurpose the debris into Dusky Footed Wood Rat homes. The Wood Rat just happens to be the preferred food of the threatened Northern Spotted Owl!

After spending time gathering raw materials for this habitat project, we spent some time searching for the Owl in Muir Woods. Although we weren’t fortunate enough to see the species this time, we had a wonderful day hiking in the Monument and working in solidarity to arrest climate change with people from around the globe. You can read more about the global work party at 350.org’s website.

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